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Otáčení kola Dharmy opačným směrem: Maithreya Buddha

Převzato z Facebooku/ Anuradha Ranasinghe

19. 12. 2023

odkaz na originál fb příspěvek:

Tento text se objevil na Facebooku Sinhálce Anuradha Ranasinghe ze Srí Lanky.

Člověk z opačného konce světa nezaujatě popisuje Buddhu Maitreyu, co zde reprezentuje, aniž by sám věděl, že Buddha Maitreya tu Je projevený a práci, o které píše, již vykonává.

Tedy nezávisle potvrzuje, kým je Lumír Láska 💜 Buddha Maitreya, je to potvrzení Buddhy Maitreyi 🙏.


Turning the Dharma Wheel in Opposite Direction:

Maithreya the Buddha

(Sinhalese original version in original post)


Our despairing and degenerated world is in a dire need of a future-world teacher like Maithreya the Buddha. It is said that, Maithreya Buddha embodies the both qualities of Shakyamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ where this unity brings the greatest wisdom and the greatest compassion, one can think of, in a human being. In this way, under the Maithreya Buddha, both Abrahmic and the Indian spiritual lineages come together to serve both east and west, bringing the light, peace in perfect harmony to the humanity. It is said that, before his arrival both east and west would witness bloodsheds, wars due to the imbalance caused by the human dominion over mother nature. Over genuine spirituality.

It is said that, Maithreya the Buddha's teaching method would be different to Shakyamuni Buddha's. Maithreya was said to be a connoisseur of Samadhi Transmission and his primary goal is to provide an accelerated path to spiritual enlightenment based on this, in addition to other yogic sadhanas. This is thanks to his mastery in Buddhist Tantrayana (Vajrayana) yogic knowledge. Therefore it is said that, Maithreya Buddha is going to turn the Dharma wheel in opposite direction, enabling Tantric Teachings first to accelerate the awakening, followed by Mahayana and Theravada later. His love, light, samadhis will be shared with both eastern and westerners, beyond the local boundaries.

According to prophesies, under Maithreya the Buddha:

1. People will enjoy meditative trances, attain Nirodha quickly

2. Tibetan Buddhism will flourish in future owing to Maithreya's tantric inheritance.

3. Tibetans will receive Tibet back, and the spiritual order will be re-established.

4. Nobody would require to change their original religion and faith. Instead, human mind/body will be liberated.

5. People would not feel hunger, and would gradually overcome social inequality, find harmonious balance between humanity and mother nature.