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Ministry of External Affairs of the Russian Federation
05.04. 2022

Dear representatives of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of Russian Federation,


allow us first to express our profound esteem and respect for your nation and your cultural tradition, which we regard as part of global cultural heritage.


We hereby inform you of an e-mail we sent to the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, which we enclose with this letter.


In this context, we propose that you consider inviting Lumír Láska, as a being who understands the nature of the suffering of all beings, to enter into impartial and open-minded diplomatic negotiations in questions of global peace. This would be in alignment with the interests of all beings karmically bound together in the element of Mother Earth and with the interests of finding a path to happiness for all beings. If you are also convinced that this requires spiritual support and guidance, please contact us.


Thank you for your valuable time and attention.


May you, your nation, your culture and your Sacred Land be filled with happiness and mutual respect!


On behalf of the Heart of Dharma Sangha and with Humility, Love and Respect,


Michaela Minarikova, nun of the Heart of Dharma Sangha



E-mail sent to the Ministry of Culture, Government of India

Book The Heart of Dharma or A Guide to the Self in pdf format (Attachment to an email sent to the Indian Ministry of Culture)


more contacts:

tom@tomlanger, +420 605 936 400


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