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Ministry of culture, government of India
04.04. 2022

Dear representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India,


allow us first to express our profound esteem and respect for your nation, your culture and your Sacred Land, which we recognise as the cradle of Absolute and Ultimate Knowledge, i.e. the Knowledge of the Buddha, as the home of the Noble Buddha Shakyamuni, called GAUTAMA. The teachings of the Buddhas of ALL the ages is a bottomless well of inspiration for us, and we are unreservedly grateful and happy that we can be part of this legacy and Worldwide Cultural Heritage – the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. We thank your nation, your culture and your Sacred Land from the bottom of our hearts for this opportunity.


Allow us now to inform you that Samyaksambuddha Maitreya has already been incarnated here on Mother Earth. He currently goes by the civic name of Lumír Láska. Buddha Maitreya states that the Teachings of the Buddha have been forgotten or, in some cases, the interpretation of the Buddha’s Teachings has become incomprehensible for beings living in this age. Buddha Maitreya presents today’s world with a comprehensible interpretation of the Buddha’s teachings in a way that everyone can understand. Under the loving guidance of Buddha Maitreya, a Sangha called Heart of Dharma has naturally sprung up, which follows His Teachings with profound respect and esteem and which, as part of its spiritual practice of wishing the joy of this Knowledge on ALL beings without distinction, is working to share these Teachings with the entire world. Buddha Maitreya summarised these Teachings in one of his Buddha Sutras, which bears the title: MAITREYA BUDDHA SUTRA, or Emptiness... Mother of the Heirs to Immortality. The book is currently available in the Czech and English languages.


While taking this opportunity to inform you about this event of supreme worldwide significance, in the interests of improving the state of the world we also offer the possibility of cooperation, in the sense of communication between the Heart of Dharma Sangha and all the institutions in your country that are devoted to studying the Teachings of the Buddha and preserving Buddhist traditions. To everyone who understands that the Buddha’s Teachings are the only path to Ultimate Happiness, we offer support for explaining and spreading the Dharma and other activities that place emphasis on moral values and the spiritual development of human beings. Our goal is to spread the Buddha’s Teachings, and for this goal we establish communication with partners on an equal footing. We open the door to Grace, the Grace we have been blessed with, for all other beings. What do you say? Would you like to become our partners? Would you like to meet with Buddha Maitreya?


May you, your nation, your culture and your Sacred Land be filled with happiness and mutual respect!


On behalf of the Heart of Dharma Sangha and with Humility, Love and Respect,


Michaela Minarikova, member of the Heart of Dharma Sangha




Book The Heart of Dharma or A Guide to the Self in pdf format

Audiobook The Heart of Dharma or A Guide to the Self – Buddha Maitreya













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